Therapy Fees

Speech therapy services will be charged at a rate of $120.00/ hour.

SLP services are not covered by BC Medical Services. However, the majority of private insurance companies who provide extended health benefits will reimburse all or part of the fee charged.  Please consult your insurance provider for specific details of your plan.

Direct Services

Direct Services include speech and language services provided directly to you or your child.  These are typically home or school visits, but they may be provided in the community if required.  These services are billed at $120.00/hour.

Please note that a therapy hour generally consists of 50 minutes with you and/or your child and 10 minutes of documentation and/or parent discussion.

Direct services include the following:

  • Session time: direct therapy (50 minutes of therapy time with your child + 10 minutes of parent updates either in-person or via email).
  • Session time: assessment (55 minutes of assessment time with your child + 5 minutes of documentation).
  • Therapy Planning/Material Preparation: Families are billed for 15 minutes of planning time per 1 hour session. Thus, a typical 1 hour session will be invoiced a rate of $150.00 ($120.00 for 50 minutes of therapy time + 10 minutes of documentation/parent discussion; $30.00 for 15 minutes of therapy planning/material preparation).
  • Team Consultations/Meetings: meetings with team or other professionals to discuss therapy planning is subject to regular therapy rates.

Indirect Services

Indirect Services include those speech and language services provided, at your request, during which you may or may not be present. Unless otherwise arranged, $120/hr is charged for these services as well.

These indirect services include:

  • Report Writing: to summarize assessment results or therapy progress.  These are complex, medical-legal documents that typically take hours to prepare.  You will be charged for time involved in report preparation when a report is requested by you.  On average, reports take 2-3 hours to prepare.  Clients are not charged for session summaries, brief business letters, or insurance forms.
  • Consultations: telephone consultation with you or pre-approved telephone or in-person consultation with other professionals (e.g., teachers, physicians) will be subject to charges in 15 minute increments.
  • Workshops/Teacher Education: SLP workshops provided to others involved in your child’s care (e.g., teachers, counselors, physicians) will be subject to fees pre-approved by the family.

Travel: you will not be charged for travel costs if the location of therapy is within the city limits of Kamloops. If the location of therapy is outside the city limits, you will be charged mileage at a rate of $0.50/kilometre.

Make An Appointment

If you think your child would benefit from additional support to develop his or her communication skills, we are here to help.

Make An Appointment

If you think your child would benefit from additional support to develop his or her communication skills, we are here to help.